I think my sister doesn’t really like princesses.

« Hey check this out! Cinderella is not allowed on this plane. »


I think my sister doesn’t really like princesses.

38 hours, not so tasty eggs, and a sore throat. Warning: contains a lot of complaning.

People say that these really sweet candies can help when you have a sore throat, but it’s like panadol after a whole day wearing lenses in the heat, or when you are on the first day of your period, or after a whole day of exams surrounded by people eating cheetos, in one word:


My mom is listening to some arabic music right now and this high-pitched voice is disturbing me. My brain is itchy.

There, better.

3 days ago, around 10am, in country L. For a month, the heat has been my alarm clock, if not more effective: annoying and forcing me to get out of bed. I don’t use my AC because I don’t want to get sick. Also, I’ve been sneezing and emptied the house of every single piece of tissue.

Basically, I did get sick.

I should start packing. Country B and my dad are waiting for us in two days at 12:05am. Yes, 05.

Everyone has their own « packing » definition.

After staring at my messy desk for about half an hour and my phone for another 10 minutes thinking about what I could possibly start with, I hear a little voice whispering: Get your suitcase maybe?

Brilliant. I’m so lucky to have such a smart little V in my head.

Then it’s really fast: I get the suitcase, throw in three things (clothes, probably?) and decide to take a break. « A 24 hours break », I told my friend. Packing is depressing and tiring for people like me. And laziness has nothing to do with it. I think it would be funny to post a facebook status about how much I hate packing. It was supposed to be a little fun status, but ended up being the « See more » kind of status. The internet connection was so bad I even saved it on Word just in case it wouldn’t get posted.

The day is spent thinking about how am I going to say goodbye to my friends the day after. Is it going to be a fun day? Am I going to break down? Will I cry in front of them? Should I be wearing waterproof mascara? Because it’s darn hard to remove this thing. I don’t even know them that well, so why would I?

2 days ago, also around 10am. Nothing interesting happened, except this last meeting with the guys. It kind of left a bitter taste, since it is probably the last time I am seeing one of them, who happens to be the person I am the closest to. I think the word « bitter » speaks for itself, so I’m not even going to describe what happened inside my head (and heart, but it sounded too cheesy so I’m not writing it in the main sentence.) then and afterwards. Also, I forgot the waterproof mascara.

5am, the day after (actually is the same day for me, since sleeping three hours only would kill me. I’m no good with sweet torture.): The car that’s supposed to take us to the airport is here. THE MOST COMFORTABLE CAR EVER. I don’t even know what kind of car it is,  but I decided to call it the comfy boat. It was soothing. SOOTHING.

6:40-something: We are there. I think people BREED too much. I don’t even know how is there still air for us to breathe. Is there still space for the atoms? How cool would it be if I could controle minds. Like a Geass or something (I should finish the series. Seriously.) Maybe I could make these two drunk british women shut up. They reek of alcohol at 7am and they won’t stop complaining about how crowded it is with a really loud voice.

Our plane is at 8:35, so it should be fine…. Right?

8:20: We’re still going through check points whatever it’s called like thingy, and they’re calling us. This is so much fun. I’ve always been wondering how do these people feel when they get called, and do they ever make it on time, and why are they late. I feel like they might have gotten in a car accident, or forgot their passport at home, or woke up too late, or even worse: got stuck in the airport’s restroom. Just imagine: you have a raging diarrhea, you rush to the toilets and then you hear your name, but you can’t do anything! There are other people in there, you don’t dare to move, but it’s diarrhea, you know? It’s mind VS body. You then count your snacks and water bottles to make sure you can manage to survive for a month, because there is no way you’re getting out of here as long as there are still people around.

How horrific would that be. I’m a terrible person.

We’re running as fast as we can towards the last gate, and we show our passports. Even though we thought we were extremely late, the dude in the army uniform still finds the time to joke around. I like this guy. There should be more of his breed around here. The ladies look pissed.

The plane was ok.

« Knefeh or omelette? »

The eggs were meh. But who cares. « Tomorrowland » is a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for a long time. Well I would slap myself if I could. I don’t know if it’s because I was tired or if the movie itself wasn’t really great. It could have been so much more. Maybe I should give it another try when I’m fresh and awake? Yeah, right, as if I would. I didn’t even finish Nisekoi and Barakamon, two anime series I was enjoying pretty much until I decided for some reason to stop. So what about a movie I watched while eating tasteless eggs. I then switched to Tom&Jerry while fantasizing about my future boyfriend. I hope he likes Tom&Jerry, because I plan to make the opening song my ringtone. He won’t have a say in the matter anyway, but you know, maybe it’s better if he likes it. I think. It’s not like I get called a lot, these days people send messages more often than calling. I don’t know if it’s a sad thing or not. Maybe he won’t even know what my ringtone is, but it would be cool if he’d be interested in what ringtone I have. Do you find this creepy? It’s okay either way. Tom&Jerry it will be.

This AC will be the death of me, I’m already coughing.

We’re home in country B. We eat (wow). I cough. I play some Aion with my friend who stayed in country L. I think TeamSpeak is a wonderful invention. When it works, that is. Well, it did work. This paragraph was totally worthless.

I go to bed around midnight. After 38 hours without sleeping, I die.

Feels nice.


Today, I don’t know how many minutes ago: Let’s try to write a first horrible article. Let’s write it in english. It’s going to be fun.

Right now: The funniest part was when I chose a picture.

I’m such a kid.

If you are still here, hello.

I said HELLO!

Urgh, people can be so rude these days…

Anyway. I promise, no more useless nagging. (Only justified nagging in the future.) This is the first time I blog, so it probably looks awkward/boring to those who already know how it goes (or not), but I believe I will start following other bloggers soon to see how it’s usually constructed. I don’t even know if I’m going to be diligent enough to keep blogging, because I guess it demands some time, but if anyone reads it, I’d like it to be as fun as it is for me to write. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them. I’m currently just writing for fun, I’m not really working towards a really serious kind of blog, but I’m usually a spontaneous and messy person when it comes to my work, so I guess I would want a blog like that.

Alright. Enough for this one. May the light of your fridge guide your path, friend.

38 hours, not so tasty eggs, and a sore throat. Warning: contains a lot of complaning.

Bonjour tout le monde ! < Wow, they decided the title without asking me.

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Bon succès avec votre blog !

^Wow, why would you let EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THAT?! They couldn’t send me a message now, could they?

Well there you go.


Bonjour tout le monde ! < Wow, they decided the title without asking me.