Just one of these days.

Don’t you ever feel like everything’s wrong in your life, but you perfectly know it’s not true

You feel pretty down though but you know you just need time to get back on your feet because that’s just how it works for everyone and it’s just a shitty phase

The absolute worst is when this person you care about the most wants to try to help and you insist they won’t be able to do anything and they keep on pushing and you really want to trust them and you both need to know each other more, right? So you let them in, just to try.

And bad luck for you, innocent, naive one, they ruin it all, making you feel worse than ever because you both wanted to believe they could do anything but BAM when it comes down to business, they don’t know how to react.

You told them, though. You told them it would be too much. You handed them the wheel and now you’re badly hurt and the only one to put the blame on is yourself and they don’t even know. Of course, they can see you’re not feeling any better, so you say it just isn’t working and you’ll take care of it. That you need some time alone (when the only thing you really want is staying glued to them forever but you might make another mistake so better be off). Good job, you’re crushed now and you hurt both of you two. What’s another day buried in your bed anyway?

Ah yes. A good lesson. Way to go, dramaqueen. No one can handle ya

Just one of these days.

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