So I am doing a bunch of cool things because I’m home alone today.



= questing as hard as I can to get some XP for showing-off and self-esteem purposes,

OR getting butt-kicked in the Dredgion (contains PvP and PvE) because I’m a lvl 48 spiritmaster (SM) with the HP of a lvl 20 player that’s not a SM and some darn good skills at attacking mobs that are 5 levels higher than me (without actually meaning to target them, I mean my brain says no but my fingers just go for it. I know, it’s just a laughable excuse, right?), occasionally earn some good abyss points because I’m broke. Just broke.

Ding dong, vocab session:

PvP: the ennemies are real players.

PvE: the ennemies are in game monsters. Sometimes they’re cute.

HP: Health points. The quantity lets you know if you have enough time to run before you get destroyed or if you’re close to get destroyed.

Abyss points: Points you get by doing quests in this place called the Abyss. Duh.


Because I can’t casually play with my friends/siblings. They either started after me/dropped the game and decided to come back light-years after/were on another server and started a new account on mine so that we can play together. Such nice friends.


Basically, all three cases are (for now) far behind me level-wise. I know the quests, locations and NPC’s names by heart now.


Well I just wish I could be able to recall IMPORTANT THINGS ( you know, physics formulas, birthdays, the cake I left in the oven) as much as I can remember these.

Juuuust kidding, I don’t bake cakes.


I had this one contact who was level 32 when I was a mere 24 and the next thing I know he was already hitting the 65’s. He isn’t a contact anymore, but a friend. Ah, the joys of being mentored. You feel safe. Like, if you’re going to die, you can blame it on someone. But they tell you « no, you won’t ». I actually tried to run straight towards powerful ennemies and get into big trouble just to see if he would be able to handle it. Well as expected, it was fingerz in ze noze for him. Of course:  He’s a MENTOR!  You also feel useless, but that’s okay because you know what it’s like to  be the mentor and you actually enjoy it.


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Heck yeah! I don’t always feel inspired. When I’m not, I don’t even try to touch the pencil, because I know I’ll end up with a doodle that will be screaming « BURN MEEEEE! ».

I usually feel like I absolutely need to draw when this overflowing emotional wave hits me. Whatever it is. Except when I’m too happy, I guess, because my brain and stomach and … hair cells are too busy thinking about what’s making me happy.

Sometimes it’s not because of something that happened, it’s just because of a song that moved me, or a movie, or an anime.

It’s weird how seemingly insignificant things can change your mood just like that.

These days I’m drawings hands. I don’t know why, nor where it came from, but I’m enjoying it so far. It’s nice to try new things sometimes. (Don’t you hate nonsense positive sentences like that? because I do)





Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, translated as « Your Lie In April ». (yes, it always looks cooler in Capital Letters.) I don’t know why they translated it like this, but even if it’s the most accurate translation possible (I don’t speak japanese) I don’t like it. Don’t ask me why, I just don’t. It sounds awkward.

Alright. I didn’t finish it yet and I’m no good when it comes to reviews, so I’m not going to do one.

But I’ll say one thing: It involves PARENTS at some point and OF COURSE, a dash (a dash, really?) of SADNESS. (= drama and forced affection towards the heroes because the characters are suffering but not telling anyone. #justanimethings. )


I thought I was immuned thanks to Clannad (my first anime and first scar. It still hurts to this day.) and I still firmly believe that no anime could crush my heart like Clannad did, but Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (CJZEDJOZEJ) did make me shed a squirrely tear.


I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it without having my mom asking me if I feel sad because I forcibly broke up with someone because they died.

I also did the laundry and the dishes.


It’s true

I just ran out of inspiration and after a first read, this article is terrible, but honestly, this blog is more of a record of nonsense things for me to read in the future and think « whoa, this is terrible. »


Sometimes when I'm angry, I imagine that I am able to let the anger out through my fingers. And sometimes, it works.  I bet I'll read this again tomorrow and think "why so cheesyious."
Sometimes when I’m angry, I imagine that I am able to let the anger out through my fingers. And sometimes, it works.
I bet I’ll read this again tomorrow and think « why so cheesyious. »


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